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OUR WARRANTIES on Auto Glass, Convertible Tops & Quality Workmanship

• All of the parts we sell are installed by our Specialized Technicians.

• Premium Package has the added protection of our Extended Warranty.

• When choosing your product, be sure to inquire about the warranty that is most suited to your needs.

Vision Glass Toronto Limited

Convertible Top Workmanship Warranty


*Our Workmanship Warranty is for 18 months on the installation

  of a new convertible top that is supplied and installed by

  Vision Glass Toronto Limited.

*OEM and Aftermarket Manufacturer Warranties vary in length from

  between 2 years & 6 years against defects that may occur during

  the production of the convertible top. 


Tops must be functional before we can work on them:



  • During the replacement process, we commonly have to move the top into many different positions to expose hardware for removal and re-install.  If the top is not in good operational condition, owner may need to have additional repairs done to return top to correct operation.  The cost of such servicing is not included in the price of replacing the top.
  • Convertible Top servicing can cause cars with modules, memories and trigger switches, to require module/memory resets not covered or included in the cost of replacing the top.  Consider the cost of such services and factor it into the total cost before deciding to proceed with repairs.  

Some tops will require additional “Parts and Labour”:

  • Older tops or tops that have seen a lot of use will have some form of wear and tear which should be addressed during the replacement process. Furthermore, parts are commonly glued, wedged or stapled into position, chromed or painted & may not withstand regular dis-assembly. This can make reuse problematic or cause unavoidable damage during dis-assembly which Vision Glass Toronto can not be responsible for. These parts may include, but are not exclusive to, things like: 
    • Tacking Strips 
    • Felt Pads 
    • Cables 
    • Shims 
    • Rubbers 
    • Chrome & Paint Finishes
    • Structural Hardware

Squeaks and Leaks:

  • Convertible tops have dozens of movable parts, materials and/or rubbers that WILL shrink and wear with age.  It is not uncommon for them to loosen, causing the top to squeak, leak or wear out.  Replacing an old top with a new top will also cause a top to be tighter, and bring upon performance changes.  These issues can be addressed with additional part replacements or servicing but are not covered under our “Workmanship Warranty”.       

There is no warranty on the following:


  • Fabric Repairs 
  • Back glass re-bonding. 
  • Parts supplied by customers. 
  • Over and above the Manufactures Warranty for parts.
  • Parts and materials which require regular maintenance
  • Fading, scratching or discolouration of glass or plastic back glasses.
  • Warranty becomes void if maintenance and/or repairs are attempted by other individuals or companies after Vision Glass Toronto Limited has installed the new convertible top.

Other Product & Service Warranties

For any other products or services provided, refer to invoice for specific warranty inclusions or deletions.

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